Terms & Conditions

Term & conditions

BodyFlxx Fitness LLC


This Training Waiver (the “Waiver”) has been signed this Date of dowloading app (“the Client”), who hereby agrees to the following terms:


1. This is to certify that the Client is voluntarily starting a course of instruction in physical fitness and performance training under the supervision of BodyFlxx Fitness LLC (“Training”).

2. The Client acknowledges and understands the general risks and dangers associated with the nature of the Training. Thus, the Client shall participate in the Training at his own risk and subject to the terms herein.

3. The Client releases BodyFlxx Fitness LLC for any psychological or physical injury, loss, and damage that he may suffer during and after the Training.

4. The Client holds harmless BodyFlxx Fitness LLC its instructors, trainers, agents, and representatives for any omissions, errors, or acts of failure in the duration of the Training.

5. The Client agrees to indemnify BodyFlxx Fitness LLC any and all demands, claims, costs, and expenses that the Client may be subject to in connection with his participation in the Training.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Client has executed this Waiver as of the date above.